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By Sue Dorward

notes for clients:
Suggestions for Procrastinators
, research and book notes
Influence without Authority, suggestions and book notes
Focusing in a Chaotic Environment, time management suggestions and book

select presentations:
The Fight or Flight Moment: Why We Leave or Stay in Industry (2009), presented at
    IEEE WIE at Telcordia (1 hr),
    ABI's Grace Hopper (1 hr), and
    BPW NJ (30 min)
Coaching Geeks at SWE's 2009 conference (2 hrs.)
What Tech Women Want - Google TechTalks 2008
    YouTube video and slides (1 hr.)

Practical Tips from a Mega-Mentor, article published in
    IEEE Women in Engineering magazine, December 2007 (p. 28)
Paving the Road to Success, a collection of best advice, Q2 2007
Supporting New Managers, article published by IEEE, Q3 2007
The Best Advice We Ever Took, article published by IEEE, Q2 2007*
Breakfast with Fiorina, article published by IEEE, Q1 2007*
Sally Ride Science, article published by IEEE, Q4 2006*
Small Company, Bulletproof Software, article published by IEEE, Q3 2006*
Leading Geeks Book Review, article published by IEEE, Q2 2006

*also appears on

Recommended Harvard Business Review Articles (available online at

"Managing Your Boss", Gabarro and Kotter, January 2005
"What Makes a Leader?", Goleman, January 2004
“Breakthrough Bargaining”, Kolb and Williams, February 2001
“Nice Girls Don’t Ask”, Babcock et al, October 2003
"One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?", Herzberg, January 2003 (not online)

Recommended Books

Getting Things Done (GTD) , Allen
Never Check E-Mail in the Morning, Morgenstern
Leadership Therapy: Inside the Mind of Microsoft (Solutions to the Top
    Problems Managers Face)
, Rowley
Leading Geeks, Glen
Feedback Toolkit, Maurer
First 90 Days, Watkins
Ask for It, Babcock and Laschever
Learned Optimism, Seligman

Recommended Links by Paul Glen
Top 10 IT Management Mistakes on TechRepublic
10 Things You Should Know about Being a Great IT Manager on TechRepublic
The Most Common Pitfalls that New Tech Managers Face on TechRepublic, TechRepublic
    leadership articles
Climbing the Technical Ladder: Obstacles and Solutions for Mid-Level Women
    in Technology
, a 2008 study by Stanford University and the Anita Borg Institute
    (Sudo Coaching LLC is a supporting report underwriter) by Dr. Valerie King
Questionnaires Center by Dr. Martin Seligman (Univ. of Pennsylvania), includes
     strengths assessment



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